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Candice & Alex

Candice is the highest caliber of friend - a straight shooter who will balance what you want to hear with what you need to hear. She’s a deeply spiritual woman who dedicates the lion’s share of her time to helping others. Which is why when Candice found a man I was excited to meet him, and when some months later she asked me to photograph her family I was ecstatic! Of course Alex is the type of person Candice would attract - kind, gentle, patient, and good-hearted. He too, has become a dependable friend and confidant. I’m so incredibly grateful to have them in my life, and to share these photos with you! Click through to see their gallery.

Hannah & Brandon

I’ll say it right now - this was one of my favorite shoots ever! It was the first time I ever shot with my partner Lex! Together, her and I, and Hannah and Brandon, visited some of my favorite places on the Hill. It started in the park, where Hannah and Brandon took nips of whiskey from the bottle to loosen up - they were a little camera shy.

Kim & Joe

Kim & Joe came as a pair when I met them. Everyone has those friends who’ve been together forever, right? There was never really any question that they would get married - only a question of when. Joe proposed to Kim at the top of Mailbox Peak on a freakishly snowy day in May. They kept it quiet until a party at her parents lake house a few weeks later. It was the best day of the summer! I swam, and celebrated, and slept under the stars with just a blanket. They had no plans on an engagement session, but I was new to photography and eager for the opportunity. We met up at Volunteer Park where they braved the frigid October weather to capture some of my favorite photos. Later we had a follow-up in-home session where I got to know them even better - for instance, they told me about the time that Joe learned to play an instrument so that he could follow Kim to China on an exchange program. I mean, can you name a cuter couple!?